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Reminiscence Of The Past Festivity: Onam Celebrations At Voyager IT Solutions

  • Reminiscence Of The Past Festivity: Onam Celebrations At Voyager IT Solutions

    Reminiscence Of The Past Festivity: Onam Celebrations At Voyager IT Solutions

    Onam, marking the beginning of harvest season in the Malayalam month of Chingam is considered as most auspicious for all Keralites. Truly, a festival that binds people from all walks of life, with celebrations in and around every street, house, organization and association. This time also, the Voyager India Team have had an awe-inspiring celebration that elucidated the spirits of the harvest festival.

    Usually, the celebrations for Onam lasts for ten days starting from Atham, the first day through Thiruvonam, the culminating day. Albeit Onam is celebrated with traditional gaiety during these ten days, any day starting from Atham through Thiruvonam can be chosen as the day of celebration particularly while we arrange it in an organizational set up. Voyager IT Solutions celebrated Onam in its vibrant colors at the height of ‘Utradapaachil’ (where people of Kerala make the last minute preparations for the festivities on the day of Thiruvonam, when the legendary king Mahabali re-visits his subjects as according to the myth) with loads of fun and enthusiasm.

    Onam is associated with rich traditions and customs and for the most part, it gets reverberated in the celebrations as well. More importantly, the celebrations revolves around making Athapookkalam, performing dance art forms like Thiruvathirakali, traditional games like Uriyadi and Snake Boat Race. The events as part of Onam celebrations at Voyager, organized on the dawn of 8th day of Pooradam started with the traditional Athapookkalam making. The design marked the celebration of colors with splendid choices of flowers on exciting hues that depicted an impressive floral carpet.

    Since the making of the grand Athappookkalam, many games were followed during the day of Onam celebration. The customary activities associated with Onam came all alive in the Infopark atrium with the traditional Onappattu. Games like musical chair, lemon and spoon race were also part of the celebration during the forenoon session. And the most remarkable part is that one of the staffs came jubilant in the latter game, making the celebration truly endearing for Voyager India Team.

    At noon, the traditional Onasadhya had been served to mark the most inviting part of the Onam celebrations. The sumptuous delicacies served during the Onam feast included an array of traditional recipes of Kerala followed from time immemorial.

    Then came the conventional ‘Uriyadi’ and later the Tug-of-War competition and stunt show performed by a group of bikers lead by one of the Voyager India Team members. Truly, it was a great way to wind up the proceedings of the grand Onam fiesta of 2015 where the entire team have had an amazingly awesome celebration reminding the vibrant memories of last year’s fete.

    Football tournament in Infopark, Cherthala- Voyager India Team Unites under the banner Voyager United

    The inter-companies men’s foot ball tournament were conducted on the Infopark premises during the month of July/August. A total of 10 teams participated in the event. The tournament saw the dashing Voyager football team put up a good fight in their entire series of games, despite the dearth of adequate training. The Team under the name Voyager United displayed commendable performance and the efforts of the participants are highly appreciable that they stayed in the competition until the final rounds.

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